Lila Morency About

Born in Québec, Canada in 1987, Lila Morency was inspired by her parent's creativity from inception. Her father being a fine conceptual artist incorporating texture, shapes, and unique color relationships into his work. And her mother, a creative French language teacher with a way of bringing the best out in her many students. Her French Canadian progenitors being who they are through their very artistic nature and instruction encouraged her to, in turn, discover and unfold her own unique artistic gifts.

At 8 years old, she moved with her family to a country where they reasoned one is only limited by one's imagination: The USA. She lived for 10 years in one of the most scenic areas of North America in the small community of Boulder, Colorado. It was this very foundation which led her to explore various expressive art forms: painting, dance, athletics, music, even modeling, until she finally discovered the world of fashion design.

In her senior year of high school, she tried her hand at designing by organizing a fashion show. This served as a catalyst in her decision to become a fashion designer. Following graduation, Lila took a one year sabbatical in order to learn a fourth language and to further her research of the fashion industry. During this period, she met a designer who owned a small fashion studio, became employed, and had the opportunity to work in all phases of the design and production process. This was a true point of self realization for Lila as she was directed to continue developing her emerging creative aspirations through the prestigious Marangoni Institute in Milan. During her first year of university, she kept working at the design studio where she now had gained full reign to bring together all she previously knew with what she was now learning in a most innovative collaboration.

Following three intense years with The Marangoni Institute she received her degree as one of the top in her class. Fresh out of school, she did a brief period of internship which quickly turned into a full time job in a prestigious internationally known English brand.

In the interim her extensive travels, mainly in Northern Europe, give her the opportunity to meet and intermingle with creative personalities involved in every form of artistic expression which help to consolidate her very own style.

From these various life experiences is born a young designer with clear ideas and a creative passion for adding beauty to the world.

Lila Morency is her brand. It's her lifestyle, it's her being.